Our History

Artigianpiada started off as a simple traditional kiosk of the Rimini Riviera. After few years, in 1994, it became a true company with a craftmanship production. Since then, many Piadinas have been baked and today Artigianpiada has become a solid firm, with widespread distribution capacity and a quick and on time delivery service.

A handicraft workshop with the certifications of a big company: quality and authenticity on your table

Modern and technologically advanced equipment allow the company to bake important production volumes every day, whilst still maintaining the taste of the traditional recipes of Romagna. The genuine Italian ingredients, coming from controlled agricultural processes, give the Piadina the fragrance and the round and delicate taste. 

Artigianpiada takes part in the call for the internationalization POR FESR 2014/2020 promoted by the Emilia Romagna region.
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